voici, subaltern journalism. you did well to vanish, nestcepas. i talk people too, dit allemande. i didnt know exactly what some -office hour- supposed to mean and sorry maybe just einbildung mais jexperience ici aussi le phenomen beingbauarbeiter. if there there had been interest my view is it had expressed somehow, nestcepas. commandment went pub! and some vorbeigerolltes bier spent i willing to talk bauarbeiter if youd show up. youre lucky to not. its all whining…

besides all polemic i really like what youre doing although i cannot judge an objective worth of it due to not being tres en chemin. its changing…, all it maybe needs is initiantes to information cvd. hints to query. i dont query much but its changing i think.

it ended well as non journalist open letter, aber du bist nicht die avantgarde, sondern vielleicht wirklich mal eine echte stimme, die ich froh war zu treffen. alles gute, st.